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Full Version: Tabbed menu problem
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Okay so I've been trying to fix the tabbed menu problem for a month.

I've got certain groups that shouldn't see certain forums. I've got a gfx, coders, and all the works

all but admins and tf tech can view the vip section. all the other groups are not allowed. icluding mods and other staff all the personal created groups etc.

for some reason as a guest it shows up on the tabbed menu all the boards are under 1 tab the first one then if you click another it takes half of those and put under a second tab

if your a person that shouldn't be in a group it shows all the boards under one even if ur gorup is not allowed in one group.
You can't do that. You must have a visable forum for each tab as it's first sorted category.

This is explained a number of times in the release thread.

Notice at HF as a guest there is a the VIP signup forum category under that tab. If I removed that then the tabs would not work for guests. There can be no blank tabs at any time. Every div being associated with the javascript must be assigned.
They are. And this wasn't descirbed in depth as I need more than normal beginner help.

I have a total of 6 hidden forums for only staff and that group

here's how my VIP stuff goes

Tabname:VIP Section
First forum name. It's name is called VIP Signup, IT's boardname is a redirect and it's called VIP signup here

Secnod board section name is VIP Information, it's board titles are VIP Lounge, VIP bragging area

Now for the group forums

It's like this

Tab name, Groups

First section of 2 threads is called Group info and questions

First board name is Groups FAQW/Questions
the 2nd board name is called group feedback/suggestions/recreuitment

these baords are visible to everyone

now to the hidden forums which are still under the Groups tab menu and is directory under Groups info and questions are 6 boards only visible to Admins/ that group leader/members

so why does it mess up for some registrered non staff members and why is it messed up for guests

they have the same problem, under the Main tab #1 it shows all the boards. this is only a problem with anyone lower as staff as I've banned other staff except admins to see boards like certain grups and vip areas etc.

it shows all boards under one then f oyu click my 2nd tab called computers etc it will show my 2nd grouped board name called General talk which has 4 boards under it then it will show the computing stuff all my coding stuff from the #3 tab and stuff from the other tabs I don't get it.