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Full Version: Nintendo Pros
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I started up a new site a few weeks ago called Nintendo Pros. I've had the domain for a while and I decided to put it to use.

Anyway, we are using a custom skin I made and we have a couple of unique features that I've created just for the site (a signature generator for one, completely re-worked profiles based on my set of template edits etc).

Anyway, I'd love it if you guys check us out:

We are already pretty highly ranked on google for the term "nintendo wifi community" (on the first page) and we are first for "Nintendo Pros" on every search engine I've checked.
Nintendo pros now has a dark skin as well as a light skin and a lot of very cool features (IMO). Please go check us out and post some comments ^^
'tis a very nice forum - I don't like marquee tags on principle, however

it'd probably be nicer if those images were just still and centered Tongue
Yeah, I might remove the marquee ;D Thanks mate ^^