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Full Version: My thread views not change
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please visit my forum
thread view always count "0", but i always visit that thread really often

please help, suggest me what should i do to make it normal again
error was my forum. thread view count not change
(Mar 12, 2010, 07:00 AM)MattR Wrote: [ -> ]Plugins??

(Mar 12, 2010, 09:54 AM)caranibieros Wrote: [ -> ]error was my forum. thread view count not change

Closed Thread Title Decoration
Ads after first post
ChangUonDyU - Extra File Chatbox (3.6.0)
ChangUonDyU - Advanced Statistics (1.0)
Contact form (0.1)
Donation Page (1.1)
Dynamic Metas (1.1)
Forum Icons (2.1)
Minimum posts to enter forums. (1.0)
Game Section (1.2 RC3.1)
Hide Links to Guests (1.0)
Meta - Tag Plugin (1.0)
My Meta Tags (2.1)
My Advertisements (1.4)
MyIPN (2.2)
MyPlaza Turbo (Public) (0.3.0)
Redirect the members after they register at your forum. (1.0)
MyReputation (1.0 Beta)
Side Boxes! (3.0)
Sitemap Generator (1.4.0RC2)
Simple TagCloud (beta) (0.8)
ThankYou (3.0.7)
Trash Can Forum (2.0)
VIP Membership (1.1)

any problem with those?