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Full Version: Attached images
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Hi. Well, I'd like to do a suggestion (I don't know if this is the correct place to do it. If isn't, then move).
When I want to see an image that is attached (to a message), I must download it. That's a little annoying. The vast majority of forums don't require that we download the images. I don't like to fill my PC with those images and then I have to delete it. So, my suggestion is... why don't do as almost forums do? I mean, I would like not to have to download the attached image to see it after. I'd like to see it directly (without download).
I guess it's neccesary to download because guests or non-subscribed user can't see the images.
But I think it doesn't mind if guests or non-subscribed user see them.
It's enough if they can't download the plugin.
If that I guessed, it is wrong, please tell me why we have to download images and if it's possible, try to remove that way cuz I think it isn't necesary.

Thanks, Arqui.
bump bump... no reply?
Im still waiting for it Wink