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Full Version: Stats and latest thread output to PHP not RSS?
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I have a root site with the forum working with it which is a big part of it.

Someway I wish to show the latest information from the forum on the hompeage... which is just HTML/PHP/CSS.

Obviously I could use RSS to show latest posts and use a signature generator to show forum statistics. But I need a plugin that will get forum statistics, latest posts, hot threads etc and output them into a PHP document automatically.

Of course this could come with a number of options. Immediate or periodical updates. If Immediate, update the PHP file when a statistics is changed. If periodical... only changes every x amount of minutes. Options to choose which statistics to include, how to include them, etc.

Ideally the output PHP needs to be customizable to it can be integrated into a number of environments.

My homepage does use PHP so it wont be to difficult to manually include the output PHP using the include and require functions.

I would not say this is a personal request, while I would personally like this I see many others benefiting from it also, and I could be a very popular plugin.

My PHP knowledge is very basic, So I have no idea to create this, and some of the developers on this site could make a far better job of it then I could even consider

You could always just read the RSS feed and output it on your page =P I could even provide you with the code. This way, you could style the output via CSS and everything.
Ultimately I just need someway of including stats from the forum. Post count, user count, views, etc...
My guess is that you could a PHP script to get the stats and load the latest threads via RSS, then be able to customize the output using CSS etc.

RSS is good, however that wont work to get statistics. Perhaps PHP gets the RSS, gets the stats, outputs bonded with a CSS.
Yeah - there's no way of grabbing the stats via RSS ;D I think what you want it possible though. I'll do a little trial and error ;P
Just get stats via MySQL?
Quote:Someway I wish to show the latest information from the forum on the hompeage... which is just HTML/PHP/CSS.

Include the mybb global file and start making the queries to do it. You have to do this php.