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Full Version: How many Mybb Central plugins activated?
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I'm taking a poll to see how many MyBB Central plugins subscribers use. Please vote.

Thank you.
I'll be subscribing again soon so I can get some of the plugins updated. So I'll vote as well.
23 Smile Do i win a prize lol.
But seriously 23 plugins. Man i did not think i used that many.
And yes i voted.
I run 31 of my own plugins at HF.
I use 1-3 plugins from here ;D
4-6 so far on my site but I just started with mybb in the past week
I use 7-10 plugins.
My sites dead but i run 11.
I have a shared host... it's free, reliable and I get tonnes of features in exchange for posting 25 times per months.

Unfortunately they are increasing in numbers quickly, and they are becoming more strict on how much resources we can use before becoming suspended.
wow I use 10+ mods!!
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