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Full Version: Picture under my name in thread?
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How do I have a picture under my name in threads I make.. I can do it on my profile page with the stars option.. But I can only get text on the thread I want it to show my image.
Like here says "Subscriber" how can I add that..
That's a group image. Edit them in admincp for groups.
We have the same problem that I had experienced a week ago. Although, I am not so sure to go about it if this will really work with you. I tried editing as a solution to have an image after my name. For me, it is not so important if I do not have the picture image for as long as my name was there. But if you think it's important you can use another option.
(Aug 16, 2010, 12:51 AM)jeanlerye Wrote: [ -> ]Editing is the simple solution to have an image after your name. There are allotted options to add a picture under your name in the thread that your going put on to. It doesn't bother me whether I don't have the picture, the important is that a name was there.

Dude, a 4 month bump, really?