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Full Version: MyBB Emails
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The emails sent from MyBB use the same preset text, etc, information about a private message. Where is the file which contains the text in what the message contains.

Quote:{Mail to username},

You have received a new private message on {Forum Name} from {Guy who sent PM}. To view this message, you can follow this link:

{Forum URL}/private.php

Please note that you will not receive any further notifications of new messages until you visit {Forum Name}.

You can disable new message notifications on your account options page:

{Forum URL}/usercp.php?action=options

Thank you,
{Forum Name} Staff
{Forum URL}

The AdminCP does not offer any option to change the content of these preset messages, so obviously this message is in some PHP file somewhere.

Anyone know where it is?
It's in a language file, and you can edit those in the ACP. I believe this one is in messages.lang.php
They are editable only if you chmod the file writable (666).
Thanks, it is indeed a language file.


Thanks a million Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin