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Full Version: New users don't get reg. email
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The title says it all...

One of my friends don't get the reg. email then he signs up for my forum..
Any clue how to edit this?
1) Check he did not make an error with the email address.
2) Get the user to check his spam mail settings.
3) If the above fail then i would check the mail settings in MyBB.

I am assuming you get emails from that domain yourself?
That worked.
(Mar 19, 2010, 11:39 AM)Dead Soulâ„¢ Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks.
That worked.

So which was the problem?
Actually I did change it to instant member..
No mail reguest..
Cause the mail wasn't wrong..
And wasn't in the spam mail..
And it was set to send random password...

Some of the users did get the mail..
Some did not...

;( little wierd