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Full Version: Facebook connect
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Hi why did you create a facebook connect?
why did you???
waiting facebook + twitter + OpenID connect
vbulletin has this kind of mod already
(Apr 25, 2010, 08:33 AM)thalada Wrote: [ -> ]vbulletin has this kind of mod already

Amazing how this is Mybb Tongue
Great idea for mybb tho a face-book connect would be handy and justified in its developments.

Big GrinBig Grin
There's some people that have it already. I'm currently working on a facebook connect for mine. Everything is working. The only thing that's not working is the registration.
Oh fantastic, is it a mod which incorporates the connect from the profile field? and within the profile within posts? If so where do i get such a plugin? - thanks

I did try from but found it rather useless.
Yes it takes the information from facebook and registers it on your website.

It's not a plugin. I'm doing it all from facebook's API and their developers page.
Fantastic work, keep me up to date with it - thanks mate
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