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Full Version: Disable Recount MYPS
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When I press Recount MYPS it sets everyone to 0, is that right?

I'm assuming it is. Is there anyway to disable it? I want subscribers to get points and use those points for support and I'm afraid I'll accidentally press it and everyone will be reset and I'll cry for days... Big Grin

Any ideas?
Just don't press it?? :-/ It shouldn't set them all to 0, it should recount them. If the settings are all set to give 0 points it'd set everything to 0.
Well that's what I thought, it would recount them. But if I add points to member then press recount it goes zero.

Everything is set to zero though, only points are given if a member becomes a subscriber.

"don't press it" LOL, Obviously I don't want to, just afraid I'll be in one of those zombie-modes and not thinking clearly and pressing buttons I'll RESET everybody like an idiot and then cry......

I messed with one of the files though and pretty sure I disabled the recount and the pruning....... THAT'LL TEACH ME!

Anyways, thanks for your response. Everything is working fine but those two things, so I'm happy.