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Full Version: I have a virus trying to get into my computer?
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I asked this question earlier, but I have another problem that has occured. "I don't know if this is related, but I went on this site:

I usually go on this site to watch anime, but this time something weird happened. If you scroll down, there's this little video thing. A commercial came up so I lowered the volume and a few seconds later my computer went a little nuts. A few things popped up:………

All of these things popped one after the other. I use avg to scan my viruses.

What should I do? And if I restart my computer and it's still there, what should I do?"

Some people recommended me programs like malwarebytes, but there's a problem, I can't open the .exe files or anything. I usually use avg for this kind of stuff, but I can't even open that program.

Is my only option left to reformat my computer?
System restore before you reformat, System restore usually works for me though.