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Full Version: Looking for a serious theme designer
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I'm looking for a very talented theme designer to create a theme for Beta Release.

I want the theme to feel as "Web 2.0" as possible, with Facebook and Twitter integrated into it. I really like Digital Point's new theme. That's sort of the look I'm going for. I want the theme to really draw the user into the website, making it feel more like a 3-dimensional building, with rooms, hallways, and places to explore than a 2-dimensional page on the web.

I would like to begin discussing this project now, but I think it would be smart to wait until 1.6 is released to actually begin the work.

I'd like to keep my budget at $50 but I really want a totally unique design so I may consider higher prices. Preference will definitely be given to those who can do this within my budget.

Please reply, PM, or add me on MSN ([email protected]) if you think you're the right person for the job. Make sure to include some samples of your work, and we can discuss what ideas you have for the site. I'm looking for someone who is going to be enthusiastic about this, and bring lots of ideas for great features to the table.
I'm going to be working with
I have a group of designers very talented guys they have done many designs if you would like contact me so we could talk a bit more on this topic Big Grin