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Full Version: Hide subforums!! Arrange them manually with html in description!
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Hello, I have a sugestion, that I think it would be usefull for everyone.

If you have a forum that contains a lot of subforums, maybe you would wanna hide them, or rearange them differently Smile

So, I have a gaming forum, that contains 8 game servers. ( - sorry for the commercial but you must see this to understand what I want, if I've broken a rule please delete the link).

I wanna arrange them not in list or in columns, I simply wanna put images with links or Text links with different colour. I want to have the first game server arranged different from the others. I thing you understant where i'm getting. So, I need to hide them and put in the description of the category the links Smile

Somebody has an idea on how to do that?

I think this is something that could give a boost in forum design, so we can have our own style of index pages, because now we are forced to stay with the theme's default style of formatting.