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Full Version: Extra footer
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How do I add a extra footer like on HF.

[Image: 9glykg.png]

That's what I'm talking about, Here's what I've done.

Created another template called "footerb"

added in the index template under {$footer} I added {$footerb}

Now, why isn't it working?

I've also put in that new temp the word test and I do not see it so it did not work -.-
Just add a table under the footer code. Then add the content you want below the table.
How would I dothat? a table um you mean like this

Cpoy the stuff from that thing. Then make a new one?

How would I make it match my theme like this

If you want theme too match, use this.
Edit in the templates.

            <div class="bottommenu">
                    <span class="smalltext">By Last Postâ„¢ from Hack United</span>
when I added tha code it just added text below.

maybe I didn't add it in the correct tags but I want 2 sep bars.
PM me.
You got TeamViewer?
I added that code below that hidden stuff in the footer but like it didn't add the grey background bhar

it shows the text but not the bar.

I want a hole setup like the current one

the background then text on it.
pm me i will help you out...