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Full Version: Mybb flaw or ?
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Hello Support Forum users.Well me and my friend started this project about a marketplace called AnarchyZone.Well all went good in the past 2-3 weeks when he suddenly started to do crap stuff.It's coz i removed his admin and i appointed another member.Then he knew the database pass and i think that was why he was putting himself admin.Well then yesterday i was trolling him and asking him why he did and how he did this he said he made a usergroup same as Registered but using macedonian "e" which is the same as english "е", and that he copied Admin privilegies.Yesterday i cought him tryin to make another Super Administrator usergroup with same thing as the last.I deleted the group and banned him.Vorfin tried to help me with the problem also Smed and they both said that it's the Mybb database password.I changed the user password with the database and i challenged him yesterday to do it and he did it again.
At first he was lying me about somekind of 0day exploit about Mybb and i said try it on hackforums ( i knew he was lying ) then he said it's patched or some crap.

Please can anyone help me with this problem?
Suggest what can i do please.

My website he:

PS:Sorry for the last thread.
No one knows whats this problem.Well i will give some money to the person who solves this.
A kid messing with your mind.
Well how the fuck can he do this, Omni please help?
Edit: I fixed this, thread closed.