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Full Version: How Do I Change FIDs ? (Tabbed Menu Fix)
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need the tabbed menu mod to work so bad, been finding reasons why it not.

i think i found why but aint sure how to fix the issue.

The FIDs have to be in order on the tabs yes ?
Quote:fid 1 (staff hidden)
fid 2 (member only)
fid 3
fid 4

You have 2 tabs...

Tab1 = fid 1, fid 3
Tab2 = fid 2, fid 4

But i dont have FID1-3. My forum starts on 4 and are all mixed to the way i need them on tabbed menu.

hos can i rename my FIDs numbers so i can turn the tabbed menu on to work ?
It's just an example. Doesn't really matter the numbers themselves.
hmm, how come i cant get it to work, i read the how to and guides, got the bar showing on site, but when i add areas to each they show as empty when clicked ?
Looks like they work fine on your HF wannabe clone #224.

Seriously...get your own damn ideas.