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Full Version: Hey, Please Read
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I got back from vaca and found my servers have been being bitchy lately. Some of you know that I am running a web hosting site. However my partner does shit and let everything go to hell...So now i have to make a trip to where my servers are actually located., italy.

I have sent emails to everyone i have been doing work for. To inform you of this, however it seems some of you dont know how to check your inbox's, or spam boxes.

So Sorry about all of this. Things have just been really.....annoying. Also have some relationship issues which is not helping lolz.

For the themes, everything i am working on is going to be made to work with MyBB 1.6. I am also adding some flash and ajax to all the themes. I have 4 release themes coming and 2 pd(personal design) themes.

I dont know when i'll be back, but i will be using my laptop over and saved most of everything on a FD. So shit should be done soon.

Thanks for your understanding.