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Full Version: Post Rate - Like or Dislike Youtube style
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This was actually suggested by one of my forum users.

All posts have a like and dislike feature floating next to them. Thumbs up and Thumbs Down just like on Youtube.
This would be exceedingly great as users would not have to post back telling everyone that they agree... instead just thumbs up it... Or Thumbs down it if it sucks.

This also leads to self controlled spam... Users can flag a post as spam... 2 spams and the post is hidden. Hidden posts can be revealed using javascript and if need be voted not spam. Moderators being able to force Spam or Not spam accordingly

This would be an awesome plugin!!!!
Well I wouldn't recommend that for spam as the report function works fine for that IMO.

You can try this free existing plugin, might have to modify it a bit to get it to look better though:
Wow that is what I came here for and mybb ideas said there will be a feature like that in 1.6. I hope so in the meantime I will play with the voting controls. Thank you
Yeah I was going to say the same I was pretty sure there was a plugin like this.
There is mention of one that I have been looking for on the web tonight here:

It was a rate post plugin but the post is from 2008 so I am not certain it exists any longer. Still searching and if anyone else finds it please post it would be greatly appreciated.