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I have just made my FIRST ever MyBB forum.

I would like ALL feedback and please be COMPLETELY HONEST.

I can always fix things that don't appeal to people and things that need fixing.

I would to hear what this community of MyBB members has to say.

Remember, this is my FIRST forum ever lol
Really? Nobody has an opinion?
im trying to figure out...what kind of forum is it? im guessing general topics (i hope so at least or im not understanding the theme)

I personally think red on a forum like that is hard on the eyes and makes me want to turn off the site, blue is a good option for a general chat forum. Also if you are heading general topics and you have the tabs mod on you should fill them tabs up with at least 5 forums minim or you might as well never installed the mod at all lol.. I think 7-10 forums a tab is good.

other then that i dont have much to say, ive seen tons and tons of mybb forums and to me it looks the same as any other.
The theme is general topics, correct. I tried to get a theme that kinda seems friendly.

True about the tabs. I am still adding new forums. I would like to have about 5 forums per tab.

Well, hopefully in the future I can get a custom theme. Someone is going to work on one for me.

Glad to hear some feedback.