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Full Version: Facebook Like Footerbar MOD
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Hello members,

I was just wondering if there exists any mod for MYBB which shows a footerbar like Facebook with integrated live chat..If this is developed in MyBB Central, it would attract many many users...Just an idea, and please tell me if this already exists, and kindly give me the link!.

Thank you
Here you are a fantastic tool to do that you want and more
Or this one
But I prefer the firs bar. It's better Wink
There's no mod for it, btw. (Or I don't know any mod for it)
Well I did hear about someone released a theme like facebook and they had the bar and it showed people online not sure about chat though...
Oh that's wrong. I had the Facebook theme, and it's certain that looks like Facebook but it has no bar.
Here is the link to the theme
Oh then I was just wrong guess I mixed it up with something oh well then so yea I would recommend Wibiya then.
thank you guyz....!!
but I am looking for a chat rooms is got one..but only for PHPFOX, if some one knows MyBB coding, they can customize it...!!!
Well just want to post this well I was wrong it wasn't on the theme but there was a dock mod lol check this out Tongue
thank you sooooo much...but it lacks live chat Big Grin...thanks....for giving me the link!....
Well you can if you can of course edit this up a bit more to make it into a chat Mod for example I could be wrong but in theory if you had a IRC chat channel you could mod it so it auto connects through the IRC and bam you have have a chat hope helped Big Grin
Think meebo has one :\
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