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Full Version: Newbie Here!
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Hi. My name is Abby Campbell. I just started working on mybb site which will be a forum for women's fitness and health. Jesse, I was referred to your site from one of the members on mybb. I sent a Paypal payment to you earlier today so that I can get started with some of your plugins. I haven't received word yet that I can begin though, and I'm anxious. LOL!

I have been a member and moderator on other forum sites. However, this is my first time setting one up myself. Boy, was it ever complicated at first! LOL! I didn't know whether I was getting over my head or not. Much of the frustration had to do with plugins and themes that are no longer compatible with mybb 4.1.12. So, I would try to troubleshoot my issues... only to find that they just didn't work because of the version I was using. I wish mybb would be more atuned to showing information on which versions those plugins and themes are for. It almost made me give up on mybb and go for a different forum software. But, I had read lots of reviews prior to choosing mybb, and from everything I've read... it's the best free software and is very compatible to vbulletin. So, I'm going to try to stick it out. Smile

I'm still going through plugins in my setup. I want my site to be the most user-friendly site there is for my members. I can't wait to get it up and running. Smile

I look forward to being able to download here at your site, Jesse! Thank you.