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Full Version: how to move website without merge tool ??
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i need to move my website to a new host.. again Sad

but if my current hosting company suspends my account and i cant get access to files but i have full backups made weekly on my pc.

my question is how do i get the files to a new host, when i use merge sytem, both sites must be online for this to work.

any help, much respect Smile
I assume you made a full back up of the website folder too? in the pub html file on old host? Even if they have suspended access, as long as you have the full backup of site, plus the dtatabse back up you will be fine.

Just upload your website through either ftp or zip upload from the cpanel upload directory, in public html. Also go to phpmyadmin , to re-upload the database with the import option etc. Hope that helps in some way.. Just make sure you match the database entry from mysql with the config.php also.

Any issues let me know or anybody here, there's loads of experienced people here
thanks scar Big Grin
im not planning on moving yet, but i needed to know if i need to i can.

as some of you may see by clicking my signature, my site has been suspended due to 157% CPU usage. im in talks with the hosting, they will be re-opening site very soon and all will be back to norm.

Hopefully Smile
No probs good luck my friend, you will be fine