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Full Version: Looking to collaborate
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Hey guys, I'm looking to colab with someone on a project in mind, search related. Think Google/Twitter but on a smaller scale, not so much 'smaller' but niche specific. Preferably just one or two people though...

I'd love to answer any questions those interested may have, but I'd rather do it via PM unless it's a general question I can answer to better help others understand what I'm looking to do.

I will obviously provide everything design related, hence needing those interested to be kung fu coders (I can handle any html/css involved but the advanced php/js and backend stuff, epic failure in those departments so you would have to be good at that)

My budget is in the VERY VERY low x,xxx range (think 1k-1.5k), but that will all go into marketing, hosting, domain purchase and the likes. Rev/income % split (if any...being realistic here) can be discussed in private later on.

so if you have time on your hands, and interested in starting something with me then drop me a msg in here or PM me to discuss things further

(i posted this on another forum privately as I only want serious coders contacting me, but I know a few people on here that might be interested so sharing this here too...let me know)
So this won't be a forum right? Anyway by Google/Twitter you mean it's going to be some time of Social Network and such.
Not a forum, nope. And by google/twitter I mean 'some type' of search engine, though it wont be a standalone SE with bots, it wont crawl, it'll simply fetch queries and so on.
Hmm seems promising. If you get a coder and this starts taking off I might invest around $xxx and if that does well I'll surely invest $x,xxx into your project.
Appreciate the gesture Brian, instead of investing, maybe you can spread the word when this gets developed. I'll drop you a PM then for sure. Thanks though! Smile
Found an awesome coder, thanks to those that PMd me and thank you BDF for your interest! This project is officially underway!
Taaa też Ciebie koffam ;P