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Full Version: MyBB Strange Error ( " & ' to \)
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I can't figure out why everytime someone posts a " or ' on my forum it replaces it with \' or \" etc.

Its a very strange bug?

I have no idea whats causing it, has anyone had this before? If so how did you fix it?

Please let me know.

Example of the problem.

[Image: 8ygz1g.png]
Check in your posting settings it should say the comma character.

It should be ' remove the / in front of the '

I had to turn off php_magic_quotes. For those who want to know what I did incase they have the same problem go into your .htaccess file in your ftp and add the fallowing,

# Disable magic_quotes_gpc
php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off


I believe this is a php 5.3 problem.