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Full Version: Prune Members 2.0 - Little Suggestion
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I love the prune members mod but I think what would make it better would be to add the option to prune members who haven't made a certain number of posts (chosen by admin) in more than week, month, 3 months, etc.

I would also like the ability to exempt some members from being pruned.

Hope you guys add this. Smile
I'd prefer not to add that option. It's a recipe for disaster.
Thanks for your reply. Smile I was just wondering if you would be able to implement the second part?

The ability to exclude certain members or a group?
Yes that's a possibility. I've already done so at HF with a few lines. I'll probably add a dropdown to include groups.
Awesome ^_^ Good to know that you read the suggestions. Happy I subscribed to your site.
I think it would also be extremely useful to be able to prune members based on their last login date. I would like to be able to prune, for example, anyone that has 0 posts and has not logged in within the last 6 months. Doing it by last login date would be extremely useful, and I'm surprised to not see more requests for this option? Thank you.
It'd be a better option if pruning can be done selecting individual groups than from all groups rather.