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Full Version: 4 hours and still no Subscriber
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I need my subscriber membership I payed for ! Its urgent I need to get my site up by 2morrow Sad
It usually is within 24 hours. Labrocca doesn't live here 24/7 lol.
It usually takes around 48 hours. Depending on what Labrocca is doing. The upgrade is manual and Labrocca can't be on MybbCentral 24/7. Just wait.
1: it clearly stats it takes around 48 hours, no need to be demanding.

2: this just gave me an Idea to suggest him about installing a free live chat program on the site that I happen to use.
I'd like to add... I read that labrocca is not too active right now, so maybe you could have to wait longer.
But I don't think that it takes more than 48 or 72 hours.
took me about a week to get active after i paid..
but yes i agree, we all have lives Big Grin
Yheah please be patient, it does specify the 48 hours duration on application of subscription.
people have to sleep you know...
alright guys thanks for the responses :\
Looks like your now a subscriber good job!
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