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Full Version: Suggestion: Live Chat (Livezilla)
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noticed you do everything manually, and figured since you actually make product to sell why not have a live chat program so you can give customers faster results in updating there forum accounts and if they have problems on there from one of your plugins you can do live chat with them to help them.


I use it on my site, added the image to the footer of my forums and it automatically changes telling when the chat is up or offline, it acts like a link to take users straight to the chat.
But if problems aren't posted in the forum, others having the same problem won't see how to fix it.
Labrocca would have to constantly be repeating himself in chat.
I do not think this is necessary.
Nor here, Labrocca has much better things to do.
He has over 15 forums to manage, I don't think he'd want to install Live Chat on every single one and do it all by himself. A good idea would be to install Livezilla on all of them and have all of the admins set up with it. This way, if somebody needed help immediately, any admin would be there to assist them.
Lol, if he does this, he would have to pay them like 500$

Its pointless, and a waste of time.
I don't think he'd want to install Live Chat on every single one and do it all by himself.
Well I don't think so that it is not necessary. Well all the above participants perform well...
Nice conversation dude...

try craftysyntax its free and simply great
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