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Full Version: MYPS Stats
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In the MYPS FAQ on the help page of my forum it states this....

Quote:Statistics of the richest members can be viewed from the forum statistics page. The link should be on the index page on the bottom right.

Unfortunately I'm not seeing these "stats" showing anywhere through the Forum Statistics link at the bottom of the index page. Does anyone know how to correct this?
add {$mypsstats} just above {$footer} in your stats template
How can I get it to show on profiles in a post?
By where it says "posts"?
And in someones actual profile?
profiles in post = add <!-- MYPS --!> before {$post['warninglevel']} in your postbit_author_user template
profile = add {$mypsfields} before {$signature} in member_profile template
Thankyou! Smile