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Full Version: [ Review ] My Hack Forum :)
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Just Made One Site For Learn MyBB Big Grin

Name : Hack Forumz
Credit : & Me Tongue

Please Review Cool
I Need Few Help Also , PM Me Contact ID , If You Want To ! Rolleyes
Don't be a copy cat, make your own ideas. If you really want to make your site successful, forget about what hackforums is and did and make your own ideas and content. Why would someone join a new site which will clearly fall to hackforums if it is trying to replicate the same exact thing?

Also get a custom made theme, its a start at adding uniqueness.
Its Not Fully Copy / Cut Smile
Nice, "Theme Copyright © Cyber Hacker™" I don't believe that you made that theme either.
Also i have been down this road with't turn out well. If you want a successful site be creative, make your own theme and get a unique name.
Id be willing to help make a theme if you decide to be more creative and stop stealing others sites.
I may even have a unique site you could have and maybe grow.
add me on msn jdawson (at) and get rid of that site before you get sued.
Why do people pretend to build things with other people work? if you were honest and said, you used another theme etc and incorporated ideas and creativity, with consent of the owners theme , then i would look at this differently. The guys on here are not easily fooled lol anyhow why are more people going for hackers forums these days? theirs so many, just simply join labroccas one and be done with it lol

To the original designer of the template , good job matey
(May 02, 2010, 12:22 PM)jdawson135 Wrote: [ -> ]get rid of that site before you get sued.

It has nothing to do with getting sued because his site will fail the way he is running it.

Hack forums is probably one of the biggest forums out there and almost everyone running mybb has seen or heard of it. So by trying to copy it you definitely aren't the first and will definitely lose out because hackforum is one million plus strong and your site is just a few people. Why should they leave hack forums and join your site unless you really are an elite hacker or have something unique to provide which hack forums already can't.

I hope I'm not sounding harsh but honestly you should always think things out before you act. Make a unique niche and plan stuff out thoroughly before acting. At least if you then fail you had a better chance.
Remove all your HF copied content now. NOW NOW.