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Full Version: No subscription yet. 48+ hours.
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Nothing yet. just making a reminder thread that will take down later to make sure everything is fine.

I understand that he is busy but needed it quickly for a site but then just said screw it and i waited it out.
For now its above a 48 hour wait and still nothing.
message labrocca and he will get back to you asap.
@Deities I have wait 72 hours and nothing.
Patience is a virtue guys

Why so desperated?
@Glas because i need to upgrade my forum..
(May 03, 2010, 01:44 PM)MyName Wrote: [ -> ]@Glas because i need to upgrade my forum..

Patience is a virtue
2-3 Days will not kill your forum Smile
Well it can take time, Labrocca is a busy man, but will get back you, in the meantime step into the community and get involved in many topics, if you need help just ask and someone will get back to you. Big GrinBig Grin
busy man and i don't have patience, btw: 5 day. I tought that all i need to do is to pay money, but i was wrong.
Damn thats a long time to wait. However i do recall hearing something about the boss going on holiday?
Might be wrong. Either way mate. I assure you he will sort you out.
And the reality is this. Any plugin you may want can be installed at a later date.
Hope you get this sorted soon mate.
Well it can, but I in future don't have many time! I have it now and can base on my forum. So this is not correct! He should add more staff for upgrading or auto upgrade! Also i saw him last visit time is yesterday, so I'm pretty sure that he saw my payment.
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