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Full Version: My Awards [Plugin help needed]
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The awards don't appear on people's posts.
Could anyone help me fix it?

Thanks alot,

*Note* I'm using the awards from
The awards one I am using:

EDIT: I realized you aren't talking about the same plugin than me... I'm talking about "My Awards" from MyBBCentral. You can't ask for support MyBBSource's plugin here...
Become in a subscriber here and you can download the fantastic My Awards plugin and many more Wink

This is the frequent problem with the template edition.
Sometimes the theme doesn't get edited so you must do it manually.

I always quote this from labrocca:
(Oct 11, 2008, 04:43 AM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Template: postibit_author_user
Add After:
<br /><!-- AWARDS -->

Template: member_profile
Add After:

In your case, you should look at the first (postibit_author_user).
I hope this helps Wink