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Full Version: Changing Copyright Colour...
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Is the a way of breaking the copyright lines from the normal CSS?

I've tried everything but I know I'm over looking something but is it possible to alter the copyright, while the rest of the links are the colour provided in the "hover, normal link etc"

Could you explain exactly what you want to do to the copyright? Just change the text color or what?
At the moment the colour = the same as the "active links, normal, hover" (which is every section)

I'd like to break it away from that and some way make it stay white, as the rest remain the same colours inside the css. I've seen it on other skins, just unsure how to go about it Smile

Doesn't matter, I've sorted it. The theme I was using didn't have the extra css code for the copyright. ... :/
good work..........
Thanx to inform us