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Full Version: My Awards Problem (Small Problem)
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Hi guys,

I just subscribed today , some great stuff on here. Big Grin Ive installed the "My Awards" plugin and ive one little problem. How can i move the my awards images below the the new points system. Theres no award icons there yet but you can clearly see the space were the icons are going to be. What template do i need to edit to have the awards icons below all text ?
New points probably has a break before it. Just reorder things manually inside postbit_author_user template.
Ok cheers labrocca i'll check that out now. By the way your mods are amazing , great job !!

EDIT: Heres the template, newpoints doesnt seem to be there ?

{$lang->postbit_posts} {$post['postnum']}<!-- NUMTOPICS --><br />
    {$lang->postbit_joined} {$post['userregdate']}
    {$post['replink']}{$post['warninglevel']}<br /><!-- AWARDS -->

There a break after the warning system but removing that doesnt sort out the problem.
Do you have a points system installed? You'll need to fix it so it doesn't break before it.
Yea i have the "New Points" system installed. Not sure what i really need to fix. I think i'll just live with it. Thanks labrocca.
Newpoints might add it to the postbit_classic template - I'm not sure. Check just in case.