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Full Version: Forum Design Developer
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Sup folks. Names mike and I currently run I just started with the myBB community today and will be switching boards. So Ill be starting from ground up.

I ran a vBulletin & IPB Community supporting and dishing out modifications as well as styles for the member boards and will be looking forward to to the same thing with myBB.

Full support will be given on all mods as well as Styles upon release.

About Me:
  • I am a 26 year old guy who works as a Chef for Ruby Tuesday here in Fort Bragg, NC.
  • I have 1 daughter who is 6 mo/s old and a girlfriend whome I love to death.
  • My is 1ntel with a 1, not an I/i
  • I am a community and software developer
  • I love php & MySQL
  • Custom Designs as well as Power Coding is my game
I hope we will get to know eachother as I take this new dev on a whole new level!Smile