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Full Version: Tab Menu Plug in Support (Cookies Problem)
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Currently when the Plug-in is activated. You can't log in. I have gone over the support section but theres nothing there about that.

When its off i can log in perfectly fine. Its weird but has there been any problems like this. If so what is the solution.
The plugin would have no effect on cookies unless you have your own site cookie settings wrong.
Fixed the cookie problem. (Don't know how but its ok now)

but the plug-in is still being wacky with a custom template.

Please look at

everything is set up right but the forums are just messed up.
Edit: Nvm. Its all fixed.

Custom template moved all the code edits to the middle of the forumbit. so it messed up.
Then there was some duplicate code.

New question. How do i edit colors?
tabbed.css in admincp under themes
All good. But now its a different Problem (Sorry for all the questions but your really helping me out)

go to
as you can see for the tab menus the selected one doesn't highlight. When you change tabs, it doesnt change.

Also when you change tabs you get moved to the top. Is there any way to make this fluid (Like on HF) that when you change Tabs you dont move to the top.
Your site doesn't load for me.
Its up for me and multiple users.

You live in Nevada so it wouldn't be a problem.

But maybe we can do this without a direct site link. (Your the first to report my site not loading)

In HF when you did the Tab menus, did the jump to top problem every happen?