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Full Version: Multiple Questions, Requests, and Help Topics.
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Well this being my first ever MyBB site, I do need some help.
These are the things that I need to find out how to do.

If there is a plug-in for the topic i need help with, please link me to it.
I will thank anyone who helps me.

Current Location-
-In member profile the Current Status bar has been deleted.
I need the code to put that back in.
Status: Online (Viewing Profile of Đeitieş @ 03:35 PM)

When using a custom template with the plug-in MyAwards, the awards are only seen on your user profile. How do i make them seen in every post?

When i add ficons the forums are displaced and become like 3x as large (By height down), A fix for this would be?

-Tab Menus
When tabs switch over they scroll to the top of the page, How do i make them fluid to not move but still switch tabs?

-View my Threads hook
How do i add a link in the User Navibar where they can see there own threads.

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For everything above this is my site.

-(Most Easiest) Cookie Help
I must be stupid since im setting my cookies wrong. Whenever i open my site in multiple tabs i get logged out. (This is a protection i assume) but how do i edit that to be a different number? like max tabs open from single IP = 3