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Full Version: Subscription paid :'(
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I'm french and I love MyBB ! Tongue

I registered here because I think that I may find great plugin. I paid a subscription to have acces to download, but i can't download at all ... I received a confirmation of the paiment but nothing possible to download.

Please help !

You have to wait 48hrs or so to get upgraded.
Thank you, i'm waiting ^^
Waiting on mine now. Sad
(Jun 01, 2010, 09:04 PM)r3dw3r3w0lf Wrote: [ -> ]Waiting on mine now. Sad

You necro'ed a half month old thread bc you can't read ?
I didnt even wait for 12 hours then my account go activate to subscriber Smile
I can download anything ^_^

Hello IceGuru i remember you from HF Big Grin