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Full Version: iDeal payment
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I'm using iDeal as one of the payment methods on my forum. iDeal is a Dutch payment method which use a bank transfer.
They have an API which can be found on:
I want the users in a special group when they finished there payment.

Is it possible to implement this in mybb?
I don't know how iDeal works, but anyway if You don't want to code, when you get the payment just change the user to the special group. (It's how here in myBBCentral, works. When labrocca recieve an email with the payment, he updates the user to the "Subscriber" group).
Yes that's how it works now, but I want it automatic.
The PayPal plugin from labrocca is a good example.
I don't get you =\
I want to implement the iDeal payment to mybb. When users pay they will be signed to a special group automatic. This is the same as the PayPal plugin from labrocca but with another payment method.
So the question is does somebody know how to do this.