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Full Version: MyBB becomes
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Mybboard is officially

This is awesome.
Finally! Great post right there man.
Wow! I feel good knowing i helped out! Smile
Welldone to everyone that donated! Big Grin
Did they get the domain?
(May 14, 2010, 08:00 PM)SytAxErroR Wrote: [ -> ]Did they get the domain?

That's the ENTIRE point of this thread. So yes, they did.
This is a great step for mybb, congratulations to the mybb team and everyone who donated to make it possible Smile
So, how much was the final price?
But I can remember days ago, they had got and they didn't reach the real price they wanted... so what happened?
EDIT: Oh I read the post in labrocca's blog. Now I know what happened.