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Full Version: 2 bugs with my forum
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I have got 2 bugs after install plugin on my forum.

Fist of all, my AJAX RSS ticker no longer works... Look at that : ( "derniers posts" means "Latest threads" )

Link of the plugin :
This morning it was working fine, but now ...

Second problem :

When I want to edit a member, at the footer of the page, I got this error :
/home/tutoscsonl/www/forums/inc/languages/french/admin/user_users_modoptions.lang.php does not exist
, I think it was correctly work this morning. And the "Options" menu does not appear ( ).

Please help :'(, plugins installed today ( only from mybb central ) :

No moderators powers working... Some one want to test ?
Did you just create your forum?
Re-upload user_users_modoptions.lang.php from the default mybb package, the two problems might be linked somehow.
I redownloaded mybb french traduction but there is not "user_users_modoptions.lang.php" in /inc/languages/french/admin/ :S. And also in the complete package :S. But why it would have erased?
okay, i took the file who was in english language then uploaded into the french. But the ticker still does not work, and I can delete threads, and also access to "options" menu like I said before. The file just fixed the error message bug :S
15€ paypal for the person who will resolve the probleme ! I can give FTP and moderator acces !
Do not help this bitch
he owns me 15 euros since 1 month