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Full Version: Staff Needed for ShockingHost
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Hello everyone, I am here to try and find some staff for my BETA web hosting company called "ShockingHost"

ShockingHost is a free post2host web host that wants to give everyone paid quality web hosting free as some at this time cannot afford it. We are all about quality and not about prices. We have great plans and hopefully we will have great staff.

1: Some experience in working within a team.
2: Competent and fluent English language skills.
3: 14+ age restriction, may be asked to verify it.
4: No staff involved in running or helping any other free hosting service concurrently.
5: An IM program to be easily communicated with.
6: Some past experience with web hosting.

What are the benefits and salary?
You will be helping out on a service which provides a free service. Therefore, we will not be able to provide any payment to any staff member (volunteer). We will train staff members to do their required tasks (If needed). This is also great for job experience, you can put this down on job applications and so forth in the future.

Also no payment of money will be made, you will be allowed to have an "unmeted" reseller account FREE and with no posts required.

We currently are looking for members in the following departments:
  • Marketing (2 Members)
  • Support (2 Members)
  • Community (1 Member)

Marketing Team Members: The tole of marketing team is to promote ShockingHost, Getting us more members and giving ideas on how we can improve out service.

Community: The role of a community team is to look after members in our friendly community. The duties include assisting users with simple problems and questions, and creating community events.

Support: As a support team member you will be responsible for not only answering support tickets at our support center but you will also be responsible for helping out members here at the forum. It will be your job to help out each member who requires support to the best of your ability.

How do I apply?
You may apply using this form (Must be a forum member of ShockingHost first) or by email. If you are applying VIA form, please skip this.
If applying VIA email, please email the following details to
Quote:[email protected]
Details to email:
  • What Position Are You Applying For?
  • Your real name
  • Your date of birth (Year)
  • Location and TimeZone?
  • Do you have any experience in the position you are apply? If so, where?
  • What will you do to bring in more users to the forum?
  • Why do you think you are the right choice for the position you are apply?

Please answer them with as much detail as possible.

Many Thanks!

--Conor (ShockingHost Owner)
Should leave your MSN aswell.