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Full Version: Great site!
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I'm inpressed with the plugins here at MyBBCentral, best plugins ever, awards, tabs and everything, Labrocca, you make my forum successful.

Hey, I have just checked your site. And I really like that too much. And the another thing is that I also have done registration in it. And I also like its color combination too much. The color which you have used its eye-snatching.
i really like the work on the border , good job . . . round of applause . . . :-D (:
So damn bright.
(Jul 17, 2010, 04:43 AM)Cybr Wrote: [ -> ]So damn bright.

Its why you have the glasses on
Forum is nice except for purple colours.
The forums with purple colours, I have seen that for the first time. And I really like that too much. This colour surely attracts many people to watch the sites once. And you have used pic and I can say imaged ahead each and every topic. I like your that concept that much.

I thought allot of people would enjoy this site,this is for people who are concerned for the environment.
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I really impressed through your site and I really like your this of the forums as well as also its border that much and also its banner I like the most. The other thing is that the colour combination is that much attractive.