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Full Version: Where is my susbscription gone?
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I bought a subscription on MyBBCentral, and then when I logged in a couple of days ago, my subscription had gone.

I did buy the subscription over a year ago, but it said it was for life, what has happened?

I have PM'ed Labrocca, but he has not replied!
Mybbcentral subscriptions just became lifetime not more then a year ago.
well, when I payed for it, it was lifetime
Maybe Jessie (Labrocca) Thought you paid for it for a limited time, Contact him.
I have, but she has not replied
I'm a he. Please PM me your order ID when it was lifetime.
ahh, sorry labrocca, I will PM you the order id when I find it.
PM sent!!!
I doubt you bought lifetime. That was only changed late last year. You've been here since Dec 2008.
Just found out by finding the confirmation PM, it was on Feb 16, 2009, 11:00 AM
Yeah and it was $4.99 one year.
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