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Full Version: Mod_security is blocking my forum?
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Hi. I have a trouble with my forum long ago.
I transfered my whole site to a new host and some stuff (like the forum) didn't work because they got the 404 Error.
I was reading this thread
Looks like that user had the same problem than me and looks like my problem is mod_security.
I tried to do EVERYTHING but nothing worked.
I tried to use the .htaccess that MyBB include (to solve this problem) but it doesn't work because my mod_security version is new (I think it's mod_security2) and the .htaccess file only works with mod_security1.
So i tried to modify php.ini but there's nothing in the file that can help, because safe mode is disabled.
I read there's a way editing httpd.conf but I don't seem to be able of finding it.

If anyone can help, just tell me.
1.6x will be mod_security compatible.
Are you saying me I will have to wait till 1.6x will be released? OMG... Isn't there another way?
Ask your host to disable mod_security or whitelist your domain. The .htaccess also has some directives that may or may not work.