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Full Version: How do I add an image next to this link?
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[Image: b7l3jo.png]
Open ACP>Templates>{Theme Name}>User Control Panel Templates>usercp_nav_misc

Find this line:

<tr><td class="trow1 smalltext"><a href="refer.php?action=invite">Refer A Member</a></td></tbody>

Replace with this:

<tr><td class="trow1 smalltext"><a href="refer.php?action=invite" class="usercp_nav_item usercp_nav_refermember">Refer A Member</a></td></tbody>

Then goto ACP>Themes>{Theme Name}>usercp.css

Add this:

.usercp_nav_refermember {
     background: url(<path_to_image>) no-repeat left center;

Where <path_to_image> is the path to the image you'd like next to "Refer a Member".

Hope this helps.