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Full Version: Forum title
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Hi, i was wondering if it was possible to remove the forum title from the index page of the forums.
Yeh open the header template in ACP>Templates>{theme name}>Header Templates

And somewhere near the top is the code for the title, just remove it and hit save.
Isn't better you edit it in the settings? Because if you want to get back the title later, you'll need to find again the code D:
So go ACP > Configuration > General Configuration > Board Name
Good point.
removing it there means there is no title for the index page, all i want to do i remove it from the actual forums.
What do you mean remove it from the actual forums?

Do you mean when viewing a forum you don't want to forum title to appear?
Id like to remove the forum title from above where my first forum is.
Just do what I said you. It will work.
Ok will do, ill let you know the outcome and thanks for your help.