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Full Version: Sick Sigs
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Sick Sigs - Where dreams become art.
We work together to provide you with all your GFX needs.

By signing up on our forum you'll be able to do the following:

- Earn Points that can be exchanged for real cash!
- Post requests for sigs, avatars, banners, etc
- Compete in contests for various prizes.
- Show off your work.
- Learn from and teach others.
- Unlock forums with resources for all your GFX needs.

Updates coming in the near future:

-A giant gallery full of resources (nearly finished)

Current Staff:

-Myself, 2 admins, 1 moderator

You'll notice that we're still a young site, but with some hard work and great members I think we have a bright future. We have plenty of neat little features that can't be fully appreciated unless your an active member so please sign up. If nothing else sign up and read around a bit.. if you decide you don't like it and choose not to participate anymore no hard feelings. We just ask that you give us a chance. Smile

Please keep flame/spam comments to a minimum here. I'm only looking for fair/intelligent responses.

Thanks all,
We've just finished integrating a coppermine photo gallery into our forum.

We're currently looking for a contest moderator/organizer. Please let me know if you're interested!