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Full Version: Template and Page backup and restore plugin request
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I know there's been several times where if you're not looking at your plugins right, or you make a mistake in editing a template or a page, and you save it and don't remember the exact code that was there before and don't have a backup of the whole site, you lose your stuff and have to write it all over again. Sometimes that can be frustrating. Especially for a new mybb admin who isn't really experienced in mybb or coding but is working through trying to learn how to do all this through experimentation and whatnot.

What I would like to see is a plugin that will periodically backup your templates and pages sort of like how the database backups work and function and you can restore them if you like. I'd like to make this a chron job as well so it backs up say every week or so. I think this would be an amazing plugin. Especially if we were able to do a "template and page backup" sort of how windows does a "system restore" anytime something is changed. Like, it asks you if you want to backup that particular template or not everytime you edit it, and or editing pages themselves from within mybb.

I think this would be an absolutely invaluable plugin that would benefit both seasoned mybb and coding experts as well as new beginner mybb and coding administrators. I can imagine it would be a large project indeed, but I'd greatly love to see this one work out. Smile