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Full Version: How to change text colors / Images at your forum!
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Hello all.
Many of you people are wondering how to change text color, and images on the forums. So here's a little guide.

Forum Posts Color
Admin CP > Templates & Styles > "Your Theme" > global.css > Find "#table" and change the color from there Wink

Link Colors
global.css > lookup "a:link". There you got some multiple options to choose between Smile
NOTE : If you change a link color, the forum links will also change ! (Top Links change, and user cp links and more)

How to change images
It depends on which images you would like to change
  • The images below the posts ("PM, Reply) are called postbit_ID.png and can be found in the theme's image folder.
  • The toplink images can be found in the TOPLINKS folder of your theme, or in the images.
  • The Smileys can be found at the Admin CP Smile
  • Forum Icons? Can be downloaded HERE
  • To find a image that your not sure where it is, right click on it and click Copy Picture Location! (Firefox Wink)
I can find a "table" but not a "#table." And when I edit that, it doesn't seem to change anything. Am I missing something?
It might be body too.
Doesn't seem to change anything. >_<

EDIT: Never mind, I got it.
Very nice clone, shall be handy when needed.